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Amulite-UV Painting Fiber Cement Board Series

Amulite-UV Painting Fiber Cement Board  Series

UV Painting Fiber Cement Board (21)

UV Painting Fiber Cement Board Is A Green And Environmentally Friendly Decorative Material Produced By Using Fiber Cement Board As The Substrate, With High-Quality UV Environmental Protection Coatings, And Using UV Light Curing Coating Technology.

UV Coatings Are UV-Curable Coatings, Also Known As Light-Initiated Coatings. Due To Their Special Production Process, They Have The Characteristics Of Bright Color, Wear Resistance, Strong Chemical Resistance, Long Service Life, Moisture Resistance, And Deformation Resistance.

1. Class A Fire Protection: The Inorganic Pre-Coated Board Adopts Non-Combustible Materials As The Base Material, And Has Passed The Inspection Of Relevant Departments To Meet The Class A Fire-Resistant And Non-Combustible Standard.

2. Green And Environmental Protection: The Base Material Is 100% Asbestos-Free, And The Fluorocarbon Coating On The Surface Of The Inorganic Pre-Coated Plate Has No Harmful Gas Release And No Radiation.

3. Acid And Alkali Resistance: Inorganic Pre-Coated Board Can Effectively Prevent Acid And Alkali And Other Chemicals From Being Corroded, Resulting In Better Stain Resistance.

4. Antibacterial: The Surface Is Smooth And Coated With Special Antibacterial Paint. The Inorganic Pre-Coated Plate Makes It Difficult For Bacteria To Multiply, Showing Excellent Antibacterial Performance.

5. Moisture-Proof: Through The Water Resistance Test, The Inorganic Pre-Coated Board Is Suitable For Damp Places Such As Tunnel Entrances And Exits To Prevent Mildew.

6. Stain-Resistant And Easy To Clean: The Inorganic Pre-Coated Board Can Be Cleaned With Water Or Neutral Detergent.

7. Convenient And Quick Installation: To Improve Work Efficiency, Inorganic Pre-Coated Panels Are Very Convenient For Installation, Disassembly, Transportation And Stacking, Which Can Shorten The Construction Period By 50%.

Metal Fluorocarbon UV Painting Fiber Cement Board (2)UV Painting Fiber Cement Board (3)UV Painting Fiber Cement Board (5)UV Painting Fiber Cement Board (10)

UV Painting Fiber Cement Board Usage

UV Painting Fiber Cement Board, Commonly Used In Tunnels, Medical Treatment, Interior Walls, Exterior Wall Decorative Panels, Subways, Etc., Has Excellent Thermal Insulation Performance, Strong Light Transmission Capacity, Especially In The Application Of Tunnels, Can Effectively Reduce The Number Of Tunnel Lights. The Setting Ensures The Light In The Tunnel And Ensures Safe And Effective Energy Saving And Emission Reduction.


Amulite-UV Painting Fiber Cement Board Usage (3)


Amulite-UV Painting Fiber Cement Board Usage (1)

Metal Fluorocarbon Coating Wall Panels Usage In External Wall

Amulite-UV Painting Fiber Cement Board Usage (2)

Fiber Cement Board Products (7)Hospital


Post time: Sep-29-2022