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Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Copper Wire Recycling Machine

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Product Description

The copper rice machine is suitable for all kinds of waste wires that are not suitable for processing by various stripping machines such as various automobile circuit lines, motorcycle lines, battery car lines, TV sets, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and other household appliances lines, communication lines, computer lines, etc. . The overall structure of the equipment can be produced by customers when they are connected to electricity. Fully automatic crushing-feeding-cleaning-separation, only one person feeding can be produced, dust collector, dry separation, and the separated finished products can be sold directly. This model is a waste wire separation equipment with stable quality and reliability in China.

Material Crushing Display


Equipment Principle

Under the action of the wind, the two substances with different densities are deflected by the amplitude movement on the screen surface with a certain angle, so that the copper wire with high density is attached to the screen and advances towards the copper outlet, and the plastic skin with low density floats on the screen. The top of the copper wire flows to the skin outlet. So as to achieve the purpose of copper-plastic separation. The clean rate of separation is proportional to the diameter of a single copper wire. The larger the diameter of the single copper wire is, the cleaner the separation of the plastic is, while the smaller the diameter of the single copper wire is, the worse the separation effect of the plastic is.


1. The copper rice machine adopts dry crushing and crushing, so that the raw materials such as waste cables and waste wires can be crushed and crushed into non-metallic mixtures such as metal and plastic.

2. The crushing is a multi-machine combination structure, which is fed at one time and completed by multiple machines, with automatic conveying, sound insulation technology, cooling system, etc., to achieve the separation and recycling of metals and plastics.

3. The separation system adopts our own high-voltage electrostatic separator for sorting and separation, without any chemicals, no water, and no noise. All indicators meet the requirements of environmental protection.

4. The crushers, pulverizers, separators and other equipment developed by the equipment are highly innovative, and their resource-based treatment process routes are reasonable, with low noise, large output, and strong innovation.

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